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About U'ButterKnot

About U'ButterKnot Ultra Rich Body Butter

Hi! I’m Tawana. Handmade U’ButterKnot Ultra Rich Body Butter was inspired by a baby suffering from the symptoms of eczema. This baby is my granddaughter who while sleeping one night began crying out loud uncontrollably. After a visit to the doctor she was diagnosed with eczema. We tried everything to soothe her skin but nothing was working.

Then my inspiration to help her led me to mix essential oils and other natural ingredients to help soothe her skin. The mixture was a success and is what it used as part of the formula to create U’ButterKnot Ultra Rich Body Butter and other products.

For Most Skin Types

Also Available with Fragrance Free

Pure Organic


We Use Natural Ingredients

Essential Oils | Shea Butter

Your Skincare Regimen Is Essential For Selfcare

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